Steve McCaffery

A central figure in Canadian avant-garde writing, Steve McCaffery’s work spans sound poetry, generative and iterative text, experimental prose, performance art, literary criticism, and visual poetics. A member of the Four Horsemen sound poetry ensemble and a professor of English at SUNY Buffalo, he is the author of over a dozen influential books of poetry, twenty chapbooks and four volumes of critical writing. His works include CARNIVALpanels 1 and 2, Panopticon, The Black Debt, North of Intention and Rational Geomancy: Kids of the Book-Machine (with bpNichol). With Jed Rasula, McCaffery edited Imagining Language, an anthology for MIT Press.

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If you please, go deep into the CARNIVAL

the duality between poetry and prose can no longer be maintained
the duality between form and content can no longer be maintained
thus for the modern writer form will have a directly spiritual 
it will not describe events
it will not describe at all
it will recreate in the word the common meaning of events
a constructive unity of form and content

de stijl manifesto 1920