Lucinda Sherlock

"The desire to belong comes from a deep sense of displacement, which is layered into my art. I have two fathers and two mothers; family is very strong and important to me. I am also a sister, mother, auntie, niece, cousin and granny. All of these things contribute to the mix of who I am and how I communicate this through my art.

I am an aboriginal woman from Darwin, however I have lived most of my life in Perth Western Australia. I have a strong sense of place for both Larrakia and Noongar countries.

I have studied art formally and have taught art for many years in high schools in Western Australia. Key influences in my work would be abstract expressionism and minimalism. I have a strong interest in Top End Aboriginal Artists. These art works are a reflection of the ancient Dreaming stories of the Larrakia people. I like to express my own personal feelings and experiences through my art as I am still learning about my country.

This is how I found myself making this visual poetry. Asemic writing has put me back in touch with old processes and techniques. Through my experiences I have complex stories to share which are personal and private and not easily communicated. Asemic writing allows me to communicate these stories universally. I am transcribing myself through broken and unbroken words, they are like stitches. Some wounds remain unopened, some re-open and others scar. These threads create the rhythm of my visual poetry. Like ancient song lines, asemic writing tells a story, a story that connects me to my culture, history and where I belong. I try to stay honest to these feelings.

The uniqueness of my art is in the layers of colours, textures, pattern, and edges of images meeting together. It allows me to express and explore the duality of my existence, giving meaning to the complexity of life and the various layers that exist under the surface like skin or layers in the earth. My story is in the lines and layers of my artwork and they are leading me to find a sense of place."

–Lucinda Sherlock


lucinda sherlock, asemic writing

1. Sister Moon Be My Guide.

2. I Am A Scribe.