Joseph Nechvatal

Joseph Nechvatal is a post-conceptual digital artist and art theoretician known for creating computer-robotic assisted paintings and computer software animations, often using custom created computer viruses based in cellular automata models.

Joseph Nechvatal was born in Chicago. He studied Fine Art and Philosophy at Southern Illinois University, Cornell University and Columbia University. From 1979, he exhibited his work in solo art exhibitions in New York City, primarily at Brooke Alexander Gallery and Universal Concepts Unlimited. He has also exhibited regularly in Paris, Cologne, Alalst, Belgium, Lund and Munich and has participated in many museum exhibitions around the world. His palimpsest like graphite drawings and politically charged photo-mechanical artworks well established his career in New York City in the 1980s.


1. Death of Culture 1984 11x14” graphite on paper in the collection of the RISD Museum.

2. Butch 1979 11x14” graphite on paper.

3. Hawk as Hawk 30x40” 1986 graphite and chalk on paper.

4. Combine #5 1977 3x3' oil stick on metal with stone.

5. End of the Valley Elf, 1984.